Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fiberglass veil in mould first

First part under vacuum pressure, checking for leaks

Carbon 10 oz uni and 5.7 oz biaxial

diviny-cell core all ready cut

Day 2- Lay up

Today we laid up the inside half of the port hull.  The carbon we used was 5.7 oz 2 x 2 twill from Soller Composites with a 1/4" divinycell h80 core.  We placed ring frames where the forestay, front beam, and rear beam go. The ring frames will be used to mount the bulkheads for the two beams.  The laminate was then vacuum bagged to eliminate air and excess resin; essentially strengthening the part. Rush Bird from the build they did in last March also came by to see how it was going.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 1- prep work

Today was the first day of the build, we spent the day cutting out core, bleeder fabric, waxing the moulds, and spraying pva on the moulds. Tomorrow we plan to build the first hull and we will build the next hull later on in the week to complete a set of hulls.