Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Progress Update

Today we had our first two parts out of the mould to check them out and our joining system was trimmed down to size.  We then taped the halves together and it looked great.  Also today our materials came in from SP Gurit for the next boat.  An alternative construction is planned, we will be using M Series CoreCell foam and SP ampreg 22 resin.  The core is in plain sheets so we will be thermo-forming it to the part.  Construction for this and the other hull of Jeremy's boat is planned for this weekend and the following week.  A special thanks to SP Gurit for supporting us.  Thanks for following and stay tuned for updates soon!

                               Foam sample, formed easily with the heat gun.

                                 It's here!
                          Very light, great to see it all together.

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