Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Update April 9th

         We weren't able to go to Spring Fever Regatta in Georgia, but this let us work on the a cats more. We have been sailing a lot lately though, enabling us to capture some video to share.  Even though we weren't able to compete this weekend we sailing in big breeze on Saturday to practice.   The beam plug has been sprayed with duratec and waxed then a flange was added to make a mould off of.   The part was sprayed with black gel coat and fiberglass was laid onto the back of it.  The inner skin of the second part of Sam's boat was added on Sunday and the outer skin and core of the third part was laid up today.  

putting camber into the beam plug

flanged beam plug

Gary spraying gelcoat onto the plug

Gel coated plug

Ready for inner skin

Bagging ring frames onto Sam's boat before the inner skin goes on

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